PSC Result 2017

On December 30, 2017 Primary School Certificate PSC Result 2017 will be published. Ebtedayee Result 2017 will be also published on the same day. It will be handed over to the Prime minister at 10am and results will be formally published at 12pm.

psc result 2017 Bangladesh with Full Marksheet in Bangla and English

Primary School Certificate PSC Result 2017:

Primary School Certificate examination is the first public examination in Bangladesh. Besides, it is also the first public examination for primary level students. The PSC Result can be seen through the web site and mobile phone sms. To view PEC result in English format, visit: . You can also see your results from below.

PSC results via mobile phone:

In addition to the web site, the primary end certificate results can be seen through mobile phone. In rural areas where there is no internet connection, finding results through mobile is much easier and affordable. The results can be seen by sending a message from any mobile phone operator. Follow the procedure to see results via SMS.

DPE<space>Student ID and send to 16222.

Example: DPE 3452345678 and Send to 16222

Ebtedayee ​​Result 2017:

Ebtedayee result can be seen like psc result by SMS and websites. You can visit the web site to view EBT Result in English Format. If you want to see detailed results in Bangla, Click Here. You can be search PSC Result in Bangla from this website.

EBT Result 2017 via SMS:

Like the PEC result you can see the Ebtedayee Result results by sending an SMS. You can send an SMS to the following instruction to see the EBT result. SMS can be sent from any mobile number. Send SMS to 16222

EBT<space>Student ID and Send to 6222.

Example: EBT 234567890 and Send to 16222.

Primary end Certificate Detailed Result and Ebtedayee result can be seen from . Here you will find detailed results in Bengali and English. Here you will be found subject base detailed result.

In addition to the PSC and Ebtedayee Result, the JSC and JDC exam results will be published on December 30. For the JSC and JDC examination results visit: